I am about to begin my residency with Craftspace and in working with Los Amigos Hispanic group in Leamington Spa. The group meet together as a way of passing their language and culture onto their children  and myself and Stewart Easton will be working with them on the creation of 'mantel mas grande' ( big tablecloth ) over the next few months. In developing ideas for the project I felt it was important to create something together which would have a use by the group in future get togethers and celebrations. I sensed that the  group  liked to party so this went down well in our initial meeting!

I will be based in a studio beside the temperate house at Jepsom Gardens and  will also be creating work myself and am very interested in the idea of making work which explores the idea of passing on language and culture from migrant groups to their children.  I came across a lovely exhibition curated by Kevin Murray called  Joyaviva  which relates well to ideas generated already to my Kildas Project and my Making Moves Residency with Craftspace

'Joyaviva is an exhibition of ‘live jewellery’. Each of the objects you see on display has its own life as a device for sharing hopes and fears. They have been carefully designed and made by a new wave of jewellers whose focus is the world outside the gallery. Each object functions as a witness that links people together, transforming private wishes into shared stories.'