Not only do I have a residency in Mull later in the year but am also involved in a project Sea Change with Cape Farewell with An Tobar in Mull. Exploring  the effects of Climate Change  on birds, the project  Bird Yarns  will begin in March

'Sea Change is a four year programme of research and art making across Scotland's Western and Northern Isles. Sea Change involves over 30 UK and international artists working collaboratively and independently to consider the relationships between people place and resources in the context of climate change. The project culminates during the Glasgow 2014 commonwealth games. In 2012/13 artists will work with local communities across Scotland's mainland and the islands to produce workshops, work in progress presentations, community events and exhibitions of new work across all art forms. Each project draws on local materials and local knowledge and collectively the projects develop the themes of stewardship and local agency in a celebration of community resourcefulness, ingenuity and resilience. "

The works will be presented on their originating islands and mainland venues London Science Museum, Glasgow Science museum, Eden Project, SAMS festival of the sea, Dovecot. (to be confirmed)
Ruth Little ( Cape Farewell) 

I have been revisiting work from my residency  on Handa Island 2006  and in particular investigating artic terns.