So many ideas are floating around for my Making Moves residency with Craftspace. I have been reading about Leamington Spa and its history as a spa town . It was a popular place to 'take the waters' 
'more and more visitors came to Leamington, paying to drink the waters and take a bath in the growing number of establishments'
Patients were instructed to drink a pint of the nauseous tasting water in the morning , followed by a walk and breakfast' 
Spa treatments were for the wealthy but some provision was made for the poor.
'Leamington was popular with fortune hunters  in the 19th century - 'gentlemen' were drawn to the town because of many of the rich heiresses living in the spa. Equally, mothers with marriageable daughters also set eyes on prosperous male visitors in the town! '

gold digger
1. (Mining & Quarrying) a person who prospects or digs for gold
2. Informal a woman/ man who use their sexual attractions to accumulate gifts and wealth or advance her social position
gold-digging  n