Am in school tomorrow working with shoes and hope to set up links with a farming community in Fife Scotland

salty shoes project

'The project is part of IASKA’s wider program exploring the relationship between natural and human living environments in rural Australia and sustainable ecosystems.

‘Salt shoes’ engages the principles of recycling, make-do and mending. The students 'make something useful from useless materials’ and modify commonly found shoes for use in the salt fields. The shoes will be modified through the addition of what is generally considered rubbish in our throw away society. Students will work as product designers and be encouraged to come up with ingenious methods to create usable, functional shoes that will assist land users- they may range from farmers, community members, environmental researchers to international tourists- to more easily navigate the terrain. The concept of ecological footprints will also be discussed.,
golf shoes, footie shoes, slippers, high heels will be modified for the landscape of Kellerberrin district ...using recycled materials, tyres , plastics etc