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Keller shopping list 15th August 2008

hot air balloon
rice salad
Red Rooster
Time zone
Mc Donalds
Popcorn ( freshly cooked)
waterslide and spa at pool
pet store
toy shop
car shop
donut shop
plant nursery
jewellery shop
wedding dress shop
bigger post office with lots of cards
computer games shop
second hand car dealerships
more sports grounds
shopping centre
games arcade
school shop
bike shop
water fun park
bowling alley
fast food restaurant
willy wonka chocolate factory
kids casino
theme park
ferris wheel
manmade lake or beach
concert stadium
second life
sports store
youth centre
never ending money tree
indoor arena for pony club
indoor stables
entertainment / recreation centre
Dockers to train and play here
fresh food grocers
Go Kart club
surf shop
year long festival
pet shop
Kellerberrin show everyday
winning lotto tickets
remote control house
elephant rides
no school
museum on school site with skeletons
horse and cart rides
computer tree
little house in a big tree
car tree
globe around the town
big house in little tree
train rides
bullet train
camel rides
more things in the park
little animal park / wildlife farm
gift shop
change the pool to 50m and have a water slide
more recreational activities
better BMX track
a place that does engineering / mechanics
Kellerberrin to become a tropical island.

cheap fertiliser
a sheep with brains
a white Christmas
social life
meditation clinic
a shopping list
red paint to pain the town
rain shop
a shop for morals
saucy men driving beautiful cars
a chemical free environment
a new back
GPS with speed dial
nothing , i have everything i need
a 28 year old man
Bunnings Warehouse
rain...more rain
perennial wheat
(no) undies
woman (mute control)
man ( with a woman's logic)
a man who has kept his figure
a man who can fend for himself
a cultured man
a rich toy boy
winning lotto ticket
chocolate and lolly shop
empty shop fronts tidied up
video/ dvd shop
more people
Brad Pitt
Rock Hudson
a man who knows his place
advice on using underground water
fancy dress hire
street gardens
tourist signs
recycling bin emptied
town clock
gym equipment for seniors,
toy boy,
a good laugh,
speed dating night,
a round the world ticket,
Hay street Kal,
some hair, grease,
more facilities,
gym with creche,
a warmer winter, a computer that works,
personal trainer,
young men,
decent young men,
rich decent young men,
less whinging,
a 'back in the box' box,
16d bra, ( and what goes in it )
a naturopath in town,
a beauty parlour,
dating agency,
children's shoes,
more sleep,
a community garden to involve young people,
a clone to do all the dreary stuff,
more hours in the day,
fresh fruit and veg,
a garden on Mars where there is more water,
a woman,
more choice( of women),
free or affordable petrol,
quiet trucks and trains,
nothing really,
more days in the week,
a ticket to England,
a money tree,
a way to deal with difficult family members,
a travel companion,
a cinema,
a cycle path or walk path