saving for a 'not so rainy' day

'Rainwater tanks, traditionally an icon of the Australian outback, are becoming a more common feature in urban communities, with around 17% of all households installing a tank on their property. More households need to purchase a rainwater tank if the community is to make a real difference to conserve rapidly depleting water supplies.

Why use rainwater?

Using rainwater can reduce your water bills as rainwater is free. Tank rebate schemes are available in many states.
Collecting rainwater allows you to be prepared for times of low rainfall, so you can still maintain your garden, especially if there are water restrictions in your area.
It reduces the load on stormwater systems because roof runoff is not flushed into the drains.
Using rainwater reduces the need to build more water storage dams, which may have to be situated in environmentally sensitive areas.

I have been working with the rain i have collected and been storing it in jars i have collected from the community.