i have been reading a bit about Kellerberrin history and found a things of interest . ..

Boom in the bush

As the 1950's dawned there came with them the moment in agricultural history that many farmers had waited for so long

on motors and machines

it has always been generally accepted that whenever a farmers bumper harvest or wool clip fetches high prices he sets off on a buying spree after the cheques come in. For practical purposes he invests in the latest farm machinery . and then for a spot of indulgence he buys a new car . Geoff Chance says in the fifties boom he bought a new car every year . Flash ones too. Big American models like Dodges sporting the ostentatious, flaring rear end fins that were stylish at the time . The author recalls working on a farm om the fifties when one harvest the farmer left him in charge and went off on holiday.. He returned two weeks later in a brand new jaguar Mark V Saloon. True to tradition he later had no compunction about bumping out into the paddocks to load ailing sheep into the boot of his gleaming race-bred car to transport it back to the homestead .

a man his dog and a dead kangaroo. terry spence