the dead sheep test

Lewis Nod Wouthcott was not known for his adroitness as a footy player but also for his wit
in a match Mick Arthur was felled by a Goodmalling player ending up lying prone and stunned in the field . a nearby player going to his aid cried out in alarm. ' Micks dead' but up rushed Nod who, after giving Mick a poke in the eye with a finger, pronounced him to be ok
Nod was questioned " how do you know?' to which he replied "I gave him the dead sheeps test"
Whats that ? he was next asked
"well "said Nod "if you find a sheep lying down looking pretty crook you give the dead sheep's test . You poke him in the eye and if they blink then you know they are not dead . Mick blinked .
"Hes OK"

a man his dog and a dead kangaroo, terry spence