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ORPIN, George Convict No 3596

Ship Name Adelaide

Ship Arrival Date 18 Jul 1855

Birth Date 1826

Marital Status Unmarried

Occupation carpenter

Literacy semi lit

Religion Prot

Sentence Date 4 Jan 1853

Sentence Place Maidstone

Sentence Province Kent

Sentence Country England

Court Sess

Length of Sentence 20yrs

Crime stealing apples

Ticket of Leave Date 13 Nov 1857

Certificate of Freedom Date 17 Jan 1873

Tickets of Leave
A Ticket of Leave (TOL) was a document given to convicts when granting them freedom to work and live within a given district of the colony before their sentence expired or they were pardoned. TOL convicts could hire themselves out or be self-employed. They could also acquire property. Church attendance was compulsory, as was appearing before a Magistrate when required. Permission was needed before moving to another district and 'passports' were issued to those convicts whose work required regular travel between districts. Convicts applied through their masters to the Bench Magistrates for a TOL and needed to have served a stipulated portion of their sentence:TOL documents record the convict's number, name, ship, year of arrival, the master of the ship, native place, trade or calling, offence, place and date of trial, sentence, year of birth, physical description, the district the prisoner was allocated to, the granting Bench, the date of issue, and further remarks about Conditional Pardons and district changes

Incarceration, solitary confinement, corporal and capital punishment were all practised at Fremantle Prison during its history.

Understanding of and attitudes towards what constitutes a criminal act and how that act should be punished has changed substantially over time. Comparisons between the types of crimes committed and the type and length of sentence across time can provide evidence not only of changes in society itself but also in the general philosophy of criminal and social justice.

DALBY, William Convict No 1200 Ship Name Marion Ship Arrival Date 30 Jan 1852 Birth Date 1815 Marital Status Mar 1 chd Occupation butcher Sentence Date 18 Oct 1847 Sentence Place Leicester Sentence Province Leicester Sentence Country England Court Qtr Sess Length of Sentence 15yrs Crime sheep stealing Ticket of Leave Date 31 Jan 1852

DABBS, Samuel Convict No 5688 Ship Name Palmerston Ship Arrival Date 11 Feb 1861 Alias aka DOBBS Birth Date 1820 Marital Status Mar Occupation miner Literacy semi lit Religion Prot Sentence Date 1858 Sentence Province Stafford Sentence Country England Length of Sentence 15yrs Crime rape Ticket of Leave Date 7 Apr 1863 Certificate of Freedom Date 14 Jan 1871 Certificate of Freedom Place Swan