i have been looking at convict statistics and am interested in the occupations of the convicts

convict occupations were artisans

WA convicts statistics: 1850 – 1868

Crime Percentage
Simple Larceny 33
Burglary (usually with violence) 19
Robbery 9
Crimes against the person 13
Arson 5
Crimes of a public nature 6
Military 6 Unknown 9

Labouring 35
Agricultural (usually labouring) 8
Artisan 38
Retail 6
Soldier/Sailor 4
Domestic Servant 6
Clerical 2
Unknown 1

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convicts are listed by their names, personal markings and profession ..

carpenter stout. cross on tower anchor D J D love and liberty right arm: man R T C S B left arm
brickmaker stout. three scars back of hand ring 2nd finger left hand, blue dot near right thumb
labourer freckled cut under left eye

  • marking tools with information on the artisans
  • pinhole text relating to the convict love tokens

screwdriver handle with pinhole text