The Kildas
3rd February - 1 March. Glad Cafe Glasgow 
A modern day pilgrimage in search of St Kilda
*Saint :  informal: a very kind, or patient person
The two names of the island group Hirte and St Kilda, have aroused discussion and controversy for over 200 years and much studying of maps and books can be done to investigate their origins. There are many myths surrounding the origins of the name St Kilda but one fact is clear. There is no ‘Saint’ Kilda.
On a modern day pilgrimage in search of ‘Saint’ Kilda, Deirdre travelled to the St Kildas of Scotland, Australia and New Zealand.  The resulting works reward and celebrate ‘saints’ met along the way.
Silver Coins from Scotland, Australia and New Zealand have been repurposed into medals.  These are combined with wool from each St Kilda region (from Soay and merino sheep) and Kildas sand embedded in bio resin. The project and making link both past and present, north and south and the people who inhabit the Kildas.
The Kildas was part of the Glasgow 2014 Cultural Programme. The Cultural Programme is a partnership between the Glasgow 2014 Organising Committee, Glasgow Life and Creative Scotland
Thank you to all ‘saints’ for their stories, inspiration and hospitality, Hazel Raee for spinning the Kildas wool and The School of Jewellery for expert jewellery tuition.

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