Very soon I will be heading to Isle of Skye to exhibit knitted work as a result of the project Lùb | Loop  with Atlas arts  2013/14. A series of hand knitted socks will be on display at Skye Agriculture Show alongside the best of Skyes agriculture.  
A knitted map of Skye accompanies the socks. Knit in local, hand spun Cheviot wool, the map references the introduction of Cheviot sheep on Skye. 

'People called 1792 Bliadhna nan Caorach - The Year of the Sheep - not because it marked the start of the Clearances, but because this was the year when the great white sheep, the Cheviot, was widely introduced throughout the Highlands. Its large size, its hardiness and  tolerance of Highland conditions, and its production of great quantities of high-quality wool and meat meant that volume sheep-farming suddenly became immensely more profitable, and the death-knell was sounded for the traditional way of life for tens of thousands of people across the Highlands and Islands.