My spoons (made 2008 in Western Australia) are off to Milan for The “Unexpected Guests. Homes of Yesteryear, Design of Today” (11 March-2 May).  Poldi Pezzoli Museum 

''The exhibition  which will feature over two hundred objects designed between 2000 and today by the most ground-breaking international designers and produced by the top industrial companies.  These will be displayed inside the four Milan houses in an attempt to relate, dialogue and echo with the spaces, in perfect harmony yet producing an amazing overall effect. The Milan Historic House Museums, a unique heritage not just for the city of Milan, outstanding examples of domestic life – the Bagatti Valsecchi Museum, the Boschi Di Stefano Historic House Museum, the Necchi Campiglio Villa and the Poldi Pezzoli Museum. The inauguration of the exhibition is scheduled to coincide with the Saloni 2010 Press Conference, to be held by Cosmit on 11th February. Over 70 international journalists will attend, thus giving them a prime opportunity to flag up this new cultural project .

The working party responsible for this project (curator Beppe Finessi, graphic designer Italo Lupi, Annalisa Zanni, Director of the Milan Historic Houses, organising coordinator Silvia Latis of Fondazione Cosmit Eventi)''

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