food related crime

micheal stole a cow
james stole a cow
timothy stole a cow
martin a stole a cow
thomas stole a cow
james and timothy stole turnips
george stole apples
patrick stole a sheep

escaping from prison with a spoon

when talking to a tour guide at Freemantle prison he told me of a child on one of his tours who when asked how to escape form the prison suggested escaping by using a spoon to lift up the floor boards and then to dig their way out.. when it was suggested that it would be hard to keep the sand from falling in on the dug tunnel the girl suggested using porridge from the prison meals to line the tunnel..

the hopelessness of escape / liberty

little chance of convicts returning to county of origin

when this you see remember me until i gain my liberty
inscription on a convict love token

a spoon with holes in it

a lacy spoon

irish famine hunger related crime

a crochet patterned spoon ? a lacy spoon refererencing crochet of ireland
using rudimentary tools at hand .. making a convict love token
use the same technique with a spoon .. piercing surface

  • contemporary safety cutlery
  • airline cutlery
  • plastic cutlery