Due to strict Australian quarantine and customs regulations you're not allowed to bring into the country fresh fruit or vegetables.

  • deirdre nelson
  • fined $220.00 for a serious offence
  • carrying 3 ( forgotten) apples into Australia on 26th April 2007

'a very expensive way to learn just how seriously Australia takes quarantine protection, but also a strong reminder of the potential impact of an exotic pest of disease on our horticulture industries'

media release department of agriculture fisheries and forestry 24th august 2004

$ 70.00 an apple !!!

and the funny thing is that the apples that were in my bag were pink lady apples which had originated from Australia in the first place

So am following the irish convicts that went before me .....causing trouble already in Australia.. i had been looking at convict love tokens before i came here and discovered that british convicts would deface coins and inscribe messages into them .. the coins/ love tokens were left with loved ones/family when the convicts boarded the ships for transportation.. defacing coins were an act of defiance and protest .

'when this you see remember me for i am in a foreign country''
inscription on a convict love token

Using the techniques of piercing the surface of the coin i have been creating an act of defiance myself with creating text on the surface of the apple.. i was also thinking of the journey the apple has travelled and also the amount of apple miles. i am doing some more experiments with piercing the apples with text /passport number etc.. the apples have begun to shrivel over time making the text more prominent.