I will be heading to Timespan Museum and Arts Centre soon to be craftsperson  in residence on their Serendipitious North Residencies. I hope to map Making in the village through uncovering often unseen creativity there. 
"Made possible by Helmsdale’s success at the  Creative Place Awards 2014,Serendipitous North is a creative mapping project and residency programme that celebrates the creativity and vibrancy of Helmsdale and its community, and inspires others with the unique culture of our small village in the far north of Scotland. From Summer 2014 – Spring 2015, Serendiptous North has been investigating six creative artforms: writing, music, dancing, sculpture, painting, and craft. An established creative practitioner from within each field will be invited to work in Helmsdale over a period of 6 weeks. They will find and map the creative activity existing that already exists in Helmsdale related to their artform, making visible the often unseen and unrecognised creativity of Helmsdale’s inhabitants and celebrating the vibrancy of our community in the far north of Scotland. Inspired by the unique culture of our village, each resident will then create a new work that draws on all that they discover.
Each residency will include a programme of events, activities and workshops open to all. These are an opportunity to share creative talent, meet others who have similar interests and learn new skills from established creative practicioners."