My latest exhibition Lùb|Loop with Atlas will be at Skye + Lochalsh Archive Centre, Portree, Skye 4-25 March

Lùb | Loop is a contemporary project which celebrates socks, culture, and the communities producing wool in present day Skye

Sock knitting has long been part of textile history and economy and in the past much of the wool in Skye was spun and developed into thread for weaving with a small amount kept for knitting. The wool used for making socks often came from the left over scraps at the fanks after shearing. Knitted socks were also sold or sent on to companies outside Skye.

I visited crofters from a range of stock clubs across Skye and Raasay. Crofters have each donated a fleece that will be spun by a spinner from Skye. Creating a LOOP, from fleece to spun wool to knitting, individual socks have been made to highlight wool; crofting, craft skills and the feet that walk the land. Lùb | Loop celebrates the collaborative skills of the people involved but also highlights the value and potential use of local wool.

Each unique sock has been created using Skye wool and celebrates and places value on both wool and all those involved in wool production. Wool is a natural, resilient, biodegradable fibre and it is hoped that each sock will walk the land of Skye and have a long life beyond the project.   I value having the opportunity to meet both crofters and spinners involved in Lùb | Loop. Their knowledge and skill have been invaluable to this collaborative project and I have learnt so much from all involved.  

Lùb | Loop is part of year long project Spincycleskye. 

Spincycle-Skye is a year long multi-disciplinary project funded by Creative Scotland, looking at culture, performance, music, visual arts, and crafts. Taking as its starting point the theme of spin, it draws inspiration from many areas and will explore things that revolve, turn, rotate, mirror, and repeat.