Between the Lines 

an exhibition curated by Melanie Egan at Harbourfront Arts Centre Toronto  21st September _ 29th December

You just never know where a line may lead.

It may be a path into a world real or imagined, or a thread that twists and turns without a foreseeable end. A line can mark the passage of time and the beating of our heart. We cling to life-lines in times of distress. They can anchor us or allow a kite to soar. Lines can create order or confusion, guide you on the straight-and-narrow or direct you nowhere. 

A line is one of the most basic components of art and design practice and these eight artists cleverly lead you on.

– Melanie EganHead, Craft, Harbourfront Centre

An Aran sweater purchased on Ebay is deconstructed and is transformed into a baby blanket. The blanket references the passing down of garments, tradition and craft. Often the line of tradition and skill is broken. Down the Line blanket allows for both historical and contemporary to exist in a contemporary functional textile.