Between the Line 

I am beginning to work on a piece for 'Between the line' an exhibition of textiles curated by Melanie Egan at Harbourfront Centre Toronto. ( 21 September - 29th December )

Developing ideas explored in Aran 0.5 (repurposing a traditional aran knit jumper) purchased on Ebay), I hope to develop the theme of Between the Line  in exploring ideas around Lines' of heritage and physical lines in the creation of stitch in knit. 

a line = a number of persons standing one behind the other and waiting their turns at or for something; queue 
down the line = in the future 

a. Ancestry or lineage.
b. A series of persons, especially from one family, who succeed each other: a line of monarchs; comes from a long line of bankers.
c. A strain, as of livestock or plants, developed and maintained by selective breeding.