its been a busy year and in February i had the opportunity to travel to Kolkata in connecton with Heirlooms exhibition at Dovecot Studios and Edinburgh International festival . It was an amazing experience and i had the opportunity to visit crafts centres with the crafts council of west bengal. As as result of this i am now making a body of work to be exhibited at dovecot studios 4th August - 4th September as part of Heirlooms.

With an interest in the traditional technique of Kantha stitch, a series of functional Kanthas have been made which reference the wrapping and protecting of everyday objects. Imagery has been gathered from a recent research trip to West Bengal through photographs and video stills. The imagery has been combined with drawings in collaboration with St John Vianny School in Edinburgh (through a series of workshops with Edinburgh International Festival.) In a collection of functional stitched textiles, ‘Repository of memory’ fuses the traditional skills of Kantha with contemporary reference to rapidly growing Information Technology in India. Each piece is accompnaied with QR code which can be scanned by mobile phone to link to online content. 

I have been posting images , ideas and video on