I have just completed work for Modern Languages an exhibition curated by Katy West with National Craft Gallery in Ireland.  

Curated by Katy West, Modern Languages (re-interpreting the Irish vernacular) presents the work of Nao Matsunaga, Laura Mays, Deirdre Nelson, Ciara Phillips & Barbara Ridland. Coming from Ireland, Scotland, Canada and Japan, these artists offer new interpretations of traditional Irish craft.

The exhibition explores the relationships between indigenous Irish craft and contemporary international creative practice. It focuses on the intentional adoption and corruption of craft practices within the artist’s work; each adapts elements of the Irish vernacular to convey meanings that are no longer dictated by historic provenance but by their own personal interests and motives.

Modern Languages will be at the National Craft Gallery, Kilkenny from the 22nd of October - 11th of January 2012