word exchange
Words are being prepared for a 'word exchange' at the Book Shop in Wigtown.Visitors can come along and exchange words .Words can be the stitched onto something of choice

gusset shambolic gerrymandering serendipity skelly fusionless fankle slithering pugnacious phlegm mega bert loquacious banter propititious swither hunky-dory fleek calipigious dreich sapphire turnpined raging think scunner horses phantasmagoria peace guddle ballistic veer corrieneukin cadaverous smackered stooshie backerties pish sustain bigjessie heebyjeeby fanny cheese penis fantouche multicultural maybe swan amazing supercalafragilistic atlantean bibliophile mummy family fragrant seaside son marmaleise wifey festoon thanks love dick moss two chocolate gorgeous whimbel gay still ambit circumnavigate springtime television fecund pillywalley adrenalin discombobulated  chutzpah spatula cardigan tintinnabulation foxed area wonder lagom mooncalf sinister fractious fricative velvet pithy stumour eedjit reinverdire nuance fractious lagom paul sumptuous gooey feline bacherties crapulous zombie glaikit slightly gricer mawdlet flange crimson buarach chemical cackle sylphlike bailar chemical fink aubergine frabjous palimpsest stooshie lurcher pallid tropical skelf phosphorescent discharge elemental moist flaccid strathspey haughmagandy somnolent brother iconic thistles skeelish bumptious cool mega idiot stupid jaybob beast mental hard tatties tattiescones crazy magpie doodoo weird dumdee dog looloo sam scream poo fancat leave backflip sumsum fluffy crop zang oompaloompa collector mummamia OMG ribena shing!!! word spectacular brilliant zang bob soisant amazing bakarule squidgy sport horse crazy great zippy guitar beautiful believe sheep fun chocolate hey fansheeptastic sup awesome sausages cheese hightops singer muppet water friend weird mam weeble gruesome scrubdub bong princess cake love football ozzy scribble clipclop hello tara binbag wahoo oliver food zap wicked chumchumadoo lettuce fandabydosey blob free kaboombay chubby totalwipeout dumpling clootie heuch! cullenskink faffing glint projink linguist mawkit fankle ostrobogulus  crabbit keekin lobby bleather cooriein stoor polymath little onomatopoeia toxic mitsubishi sgionneil summerafternoon bosom skedaddle chin-o squeegee sumptuous zealous poltergeist plype baboon smurr meandering moose pillock boomboom chouette  mignone goolie idiosyncratic extremely crumble plainstanes clarty scrofulous jabberwocky pastiche blowin wanabee life bamboozle wistful frabjous obfusc pernickety entschildigung freckle elemental eichornchan armpit curious sunflower banana historic apple excited supertastic chicken lubricant crepuscular cludgie terrifying drums silly basketball play happy spontaneous squishy pop bang bakedbeans ecstatic smelly what bus awesome paper india volcano prototype chuckling shabaladindong burger coat world knot nap cat leave red freckle crumbs crunchy plooky supertastic van jewel historic toilet stony dress twilight bed splash cast sling lola onion run princess tent ban minging tangerine kite flower pen tomatoes  bird chips lollies juicy scarf lipstick nailpolish seats hairband shops hairdo morning bat transformer funny crisps bahookie transport landscape yuk terrifying bum cartoon emotion rain name 
great bowl tree train fantastic enervated soncy scunner chicklit book write fantastic green school scampered thud thump rain chair bed egg outstanding cool fandabydosey squid fabulous colourful logic squash logical fun red money sun splodge huff slurp slop seats blob pig lion joyful story monkey happy fairtrade splosh mirkin symmetry kafuffle inspiration huggle bubble burble passion hallyracket rooters gentlemen guantanamera annual-leave peesweep gumption speagy bissum piglet quintessence meadow wigtown plangent incandescent pulmonary boanthropy smithereens lillypod class irnbru cludgie dodgy doctor manky nut globular blobby assume superdude laugh chortle LOL  hiya hey dug bed dum excellent fiveyearsabbatical doodler gooey fandabydosey canny aye holiday thistle shoogley look pharmacy groovy macaronicheese globular passion lachrymose midden bamba ping trinklement chocolate camboloza renaissance touchpaper apricot creditcrunchie callipygous balmy cornucopia shambolic phlegm cadaverous stooshie scurryfunging disconap dryboke heebyjeebie oozing currywumple bumfle tattiebeetle randan oxster synchronicity stenter noin murderpolis knob stravagin schreike  kefi  landscape rapprochement gorgonzola pants drongo kafuffle bombastic plop contentment book magnetic beaver bumfluff gorgonzola promiscuous nip cludgie drongo kafuffle buddies  pants denada granulated akimbo tattie alleviate suss syncope burny vernacular perspicacity silly sleepy girth extravaganza peruvian skewiff stramash fathom gracious plethora fluffy gallus pal whoa bun jammy scoop minging bin numpty naff goose gusset ginnell phlebotomy discombobulated  footerin autumnal aquatic sanctuary glaikit celery superfluous icecream drauky smoorikin chiggle obtuse fontanelle spinster goitre promiscuous snuggle granulated but  obsequiousness booze  syrup wigtown  mate  friend goodness  mucksavage futtock alabaster hope wine unctuous dreich rancid  essence hugh treacle oxter  cuddle enough  dang smootch  random equanimity marsupial godzilla drathais( pants in gaelic) sguidal ( rubbish) smugaid ( spit) symmetry  trump