When in Wigtown I noticed an image of a sampler on display with other objects relating to Wigtown. I had been thinking of using a similar technique when stitching the alphabet so it was great to find a sampler relevent to Wigtowns history. The sampler commemorates the erection of the monument in Wigtown in 1858 dedicated to the Wigtown martyrs who were executed in 1658. 

An embroidered sampler commemorating the erection of the monument in Wigtown that is dedicated to the Wigtown Martyrs, executed there in 1658. The monument was erected in 1858, and this piece was probably sewn around the same time.  Although somewhat faded, the text was originally embroidered in gold or deep yellow with intermittent use of dark green within the border pattern. Future  Museum South West Scotland


There were many cruelties perpetrated in Scotland in the 17th century during what became known as "The Killing Times." People were imprisoned, tortured, deported and even hanged or beheaded, for wanting to worship according to the dictates of their conscience. One of the crudest acts ever perpetrated during this period took place at Wigtown. Two women were martyred in a heartless fashion for adhering to the Covenant. They were tied to a post in Wigtown Bay, and then drowned as the tide rose over their heads.

Their names were Margaret Lauchlison and Margaret Wilson. Lauchlison was the 63-year-old widow of a carpenter from the parish of Kirkinner, and Wilson was a farmer's daughter of 18 from Glenvernock Farm in Penninghame parish near Newton Stewart. Lauchlison's stake was driven into the sands below that of Wilson so that she would drown first. In this way it was hoped that Wilson would recant when she saw the older woman drown.

I have been reminded of a really interesting contemporary project called Sampler Culture Clash  which is an international collective of djs, embroiderers, sound artists, textile designers, dancers ,spoken word artists, curators and graffiti artists. Together they are exploring the connections between textiles and sound and the cultures of embroideryand dj-ing using the common word 'sampler' as the starting point for investigation. 

click here for pixel-piano-players by sampler culture clash

sampler book bought in wigtown when on residency

wigtown wordle 12 HERE