wish i had made this

knitted clock by Carlo and Benedetta Tamborini for Diamantini and Domeniconi This is the result of a collaboration between an industrial designer and a fashion designer.

taking time

i am working on some embroidery for a commission for Edinburgh Royal Infirmary and am becoming more and more aware of the time it takes .. recently i was involved in 'a stitch in time' at Innovative craft, Edinburgh.

http://www.innovativecraft.co.uk/index.php/events/details/matt_hulse_filmcraft_weekend_30_january_1_february_a_thinking_through_craft/ http://www.innovativecraft.co.uk/index.php/about/ic_blog_entry/no_sense_of_hurry/

during the performance, I stitched (what i thought) was a simple easy piece of stitching ( which would take no time at all ). When planning the stitching in collaboration with the One Ensemble I timed myself stitching ................i had no idea of the time it would take..........................or how strange it would be to stitch with a crowd watching me.
normally when making work it is easy to get lost in making and not be aware of the time it takes.

this link provides some interesting talk about the slow movement and craft and time taken to make


links to those involved in a stitch in time
matt hulse
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guy bishop http://www.guybishop.com/