shopping list
embroidered onto a shopping bag
'Governments are currently working in conjunction with retailers to phase-out single-use plastic bags by the end of 2008.
If you don't have plastic bag alternatives reusable bags such as calico and green bags ready to go in your store by this date, you'll be left behind.
By acting now, you'll have plenty of time to explore the alternatives, choose either paper, calico or green bags the right one for your business, cut your plastic bag costs and start marketing your actions to your customers and the media.
Reusable bags are emerging as the smart alternative. They offer affordable practicality, plus the satisfaction that comes from making environmentally responsible choices.'

'farmers wanted for sewing group'

I may revive an old tradition of sewing wheat bags and encourage farmers to join my sewing group to sew some rain .. i can imagine it will be as popular as my plan to get fishermen to knit fish when on a residency in the outer hebrides ..
i might just advertise it anyway in the local mag for a laugh..apparently it was a terrible job and they all hated it