The co op
'the universal provider'

the advertisement for the Co - op here describes it as

'Your local hero'striving to give you more
..........but people complain it doesnt have everything they need .

shopping list 7th August 2008

more rain

some hair

more facilities

gym with creche

a warmer winter

a computer that works


personal trainer

young men

decent young men

rich decent young men

less whinging

a 'back in the box' box

16d bra
a naturopath in town
a beauty parlour
dating agency
childrens shoes
more sleep
a community garden to involve young people
a clone to do all the dreary stuff
more hours in the day
fresh fruit and veg
a garden on Mars where there is more water
a woman
more choice
free or affordable petrol
quiet trucks and trains
nothing really
more days in the week
a ticket to England
a money tree
a way to deal with difficult family members
a travel companion
a cinema
a cycle path or walk path