• a carpenter stealing apples

  • a farmer posessing coin moulds

  • a labourer stealing a shirt

  • a paperbagmaker uttering forged coins

  • a chairmaker posessing housebreaking tools

  • a jeweller pickpocketing

  • a farmer stealing turnips

  • a glassblower abusing a girl under 10 years

a chairmaker posessing housebreaking tools

a tailor stealing clothes

it would be interesting to make a work for each convict to tell their story

  • why did the tailor steal clothes?
  • which house breaking tools did the chairmaker posess? his chairmaking tools?
  • did the jeweller make something to aid his pickpocketing?
  • why did the farmer steal the turnips? had his crop failed?

conversations http://www.craftvic.asn.au/symmetry